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Selasa, Ogos 25, 2009

LIVE : Inkues kematian Teoh Beng Hock 25/8/09

LIVE : Inkues kematian Teoh Beng Hock 25/8/09

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Sila klik REFRESH url untuk berita terkini (DAY 13th)

3.10 pm : No objections from other lawyers. Inquest adjourned to tomorrow.

3.05 pm : Gobind asks for postponement to tomorrow to allow Teoh’s boss Selangor exco Ean Yong Hian Wah to be present.

03:00 pm: Court resumes

1.30 pm : Coroner’s court breaks for lunch, Tan asks for resumption at 2.30pm as canteen closed for fasting month.

1.20 pm : AG’s Tan Hock Chuan says MACC has right to defend itself as it is the other interested party after Teoh’s family in the inquest.

1.17 pm : Bar Council lawyer Rajpal Singh says MACC must produce all other statements taken from Teoh by other investigators, not just 1.

1.16 pm : Abdul Razak says he is showing a genuine letter, not a ‘flying letter’, alluding to mystery letter that Gobind gave to court.

1.14 pm : Abdul Razak says he is only trying to assist the coroner & he can show the signature on statement is from Teoh.

1.13 pm : Malik & Bar Council lawyers support Gobind’s bid to keep Teoh’s MACC statement from being admitted as evidence on state of mind.

1.10 pm : Gobind says it cannot be submitted to accurately reflect Teoh’s state of mind before his death. Gobind says facts clearly show statement was not “everything and all” Teoh wanted to say.

1.09 pm : Gobind objects to Abdul Razak’s insistence to offer Teoh’s recorded statement to MACC.

1.02 pm : Teoh’s fiancee enters courtroom, sits next to Teoh’s mother in front row bench of public gallery. Teoh’s fiancee Soh Cher Wei, 28, walks into the courtroom and sits at the front row of the public gallery with Teoh’s family. This is the first time she sits in the public gallery. Soh is also listed as witness in the inquest.

1.01 pm : Abdul Razak says want to show possibility that Teoh was fearful in facing reality. Gobind asks relevance of Abdul Razak’s line of questioning into contents of documents.

1.00 pm : Malik objects because Mohd Anuar wasn’t officer who printed the document, asks verification from the relevant officer.

12.59 pm : Abdul Razak hands in a document, said to be disputed document printed from Teoh’s laptop computer, asks Mohd Anuar to verify it.

12.58 pm : Mohd Anuar says from his observation, Teoh looked anxious when he first arrived at MACC office.

12.56 pm : Mohd Anuar tells court he only took out Teoh’s handphone from the bag left behind at 9am July 16.

12.50 pm : Selangor state lawyer Malik Imtiaz Sarwar objects to Abdul Razak’s questioning, says leading witness in answering his questions.

12.47 pm : Mohd Anuar says Teoh switched off handphone & put in his bag after arriving at MACC office.

12.46 pm : Mohd Anuar says his colleague Hafiz told him Teoh was holding his phone & speaking in Chinese during drive from his office to MACC

12.42 pm : MACC legal director Abdul Razak takes over questioning Mohd Anuar from Gobind.

12.40 pm : Mohd Anuar denies the suggestion that he knew Teoh was already dead.

12.39 pm : Gobind suggests Mohd Anuar didn’t call Teoh to check on turning up with documents for MACC as he knew Teoh was already dead.

12.35 pm : Mohd Anuar says Teoh’s bag was taken from his room by Puan Zurinawati after Gobind asked why bag was in different room.

12.30 pm : Gobind charges Mohd Anuar is hiding something because he didn’t lodge police report on Teoh’s death.

12.26 pm : Mohd Anuar admits he didn’t lodge immediate police report on Teoh’s death because there was too many people around death site.

12.25 pm : Mohd Anuar tells court he got the order to wait from dy director Hishamuddin.

12.20 pm : Gobind makes Mohd Anuar read aloud a provision of law requiring immediate notification to police if there is a death.

12.16 pm : Gobind makes Mohd Anuar read aloud a provision of law requiring immediate notification to police if there is a death.

12.12 pm : Mohd Anuar tells court he was given order to report Teoh’s death only the next day.

12.11 pm : Mohd Anuar tells court he, dy director Hishamuddin, investigation chief Hairul went to Putrajaya after seeing Teoh’s body.

12.03 pm : Mohd Anuar admits he didn’t know what condition Teoh was put in during questioning.

12pm: Anuar admits to Gobind that he had given an incorrect answer during yesterday’s proceedings where he said there was no threat or violence used on Teoh during interrogation. Under intense grilling today, he agrees with Gobind that he could not have known if there was threat or violence used on Teoh because he had slept off for a significant amount of time.

11.56 am : Gobind suggests that Teoh was being oppressed by MACC but Mohd Anuar disagrees.

11.53 am : Mohd Anuar admits to Gobind’s question that a person disallowed to move freely or leave can be taken to mean ‘constructive arrest’

11:51am: Anuar agrees that Teoh “could have something to tell” despite keeping quiet when Anuar last saw Teoh at about 2am on July 16 when Anuar when to check the questioning session. At that time, Mohd Nadzri was recording Teoh’s statement. Anuar walked in and asked if everything was okay to which Mohd Nadzri replied there was no problem. Teoh had kept quiet.

11.50 am : Mohd Anuar admits witness won’t complain, adds noticing Teoh was silent when asked if there were problems during interrogation.

11.45 am : Mohd Anuar tells inquest there are no guidelines in questioning witnesses.

11.43 am : Gobind asks Mohd Anuar if he believes witnesses will complain to him if MACC officer uses force during questioning.

11.41 am : Mohd Anuar says corruption case involving Khir Toyo is handled by MACC Putrajaya when asked why Selangor probing Pakatan only.

11:38 am: Anuar tells the court that he did not probe Teoh on his condition during the questioning session with MACC officer Mohd Nadzri Ibrahim at about 2am on July 16 because there was no need to do so.

11.25 am : Gobind resumes his questioning of Anuar.

10.38 am : Coroner’s court takes a short recess.

10.30 am : Coroner magistrate Azmil Munthapa Abas tells Gobind to “soften a bit” his manner of questioning the witness.

10.26 am : MACC lawyer Abdul Razak calls inquest a ‘kangaroo court’.

10.24 am : Gobind suggests to Mohd Anuar that Teoh was questioned under ‘oppressive’ conditions but witness disagrees.

10.15 am : Order was to step up investigations into report of Selangor assemblymen misusing funds.

10.13 am : Mohd Anuar admits receiving orders from Selangor MACC deputy director Hishamuddin Hashim & investigation chief Hairul Idham Hamzah

10.09 am : Mohd Anuar admits its unusual to keep witnes in office until wee hours of the morning.

10.08 am : Mohd Anuar agrees with Gobind that he didn’t bother to check. Gobind claims Teoh’s lawyer Manoharan waited 1 hour at MACC office.

10.06 am : Mohd Anuar admits he didn’t check if Teoh’s lawyer who said he was coming to the MACC office, had actually arrived.

9.55 am : Gobind also asks why was Teoh asked to switch off his hand phone.

9.51 am : Mohd Anuar stumbles under heated questioning from Gobind about whether Teoh was detained, car keys & phone taken & who took them.

9.42 am : Gobind asks Mohd Anuar the difference between Sections 112 & 113 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

09:40am: Anuar says he did not check whether Manoharan was present in the building.

Gobind: Why did you not wait for Manoharan?

Anuar: I didn’t see him

Gobind: Did u ask whether Manoharan was there?

A: No

Gobind later asks if Anuar was aware that Manoharan, had come in his capacity as Teoh’s lawyer and waited for an hour to see his client, Anuar said he wasn’t aware.

9.32 am : MACC lawyer Abdul Razak Musa objects to Gobind Singh Deo’s line of questioning with MACC I/O Mohd Anuar.

0930am: Drama in court when Gobind Singh Deo grills Anuar on whether he waited for Teoh’s lawyer M. Manoharan to arrive.

Gobind: You said Teoh made a call to someone when he arrived at the MACC building

Anuar: Yes

Gobind: You also said you asked him to switch handphone off. Why?

A: There is a administrative directive arahan pentadbiran that a witness cannot use handphone in building

Gobind: Didn’t you earlier give him permission to use his phone?

Anuar: I used my discretion (budi bicara), I don’t know who he was speaking to. But i did give him permission to call Manoharan

Gobind: So did he call Manoharan? Wouldn’t he be waiting for his lawyer?

Anuar: I don’t know

Gobind: Since you gave him permission to call Manoharan, and you said you heard him saying “Are you coming?” Isn’t it possible that Teoh was calling Manoharan?

Anuar: Yes, most probably

Gobind: Doesn’t it mean he could most probably be waiting for Manoharan?

Anuar knocks the witness stand with his hand out of frustration by the intense questioning by Gobind. Gobind lashes out saying that Anuar is “not that soft spoken person you have made yourself to seem”

9.20 am : Coroner’s court recalls MACC I/O Mohd Anuar Ismail back to the witness stand for cross-examination.

09:17am: Mohd Anuar Ismail, a Selangor Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission officer takes the stand for the third time

09:15am: Day 13 begins for Teoh Beng Hock inquest. His family is present in the courtroom

Yesterday wraps ups

Teoh Beng Hock could not answer some questions when he was interviewed by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commis-sion (MACC) officers, an inquest into his death was told.

Selangor Malaysian Anti-Corruption Com-mission (MACC) investigating officer Mohd Anuar Ismail said his colleagues Mohd Ashraf Mohd Yunus and Arman Alies had told him this at 1am on June 16, the day Teoh was found dead.

Questioned by government-appointed counsel Tan Hock Chuan about what the two had briefed him given his capacity as the investigating officer, Mohd Anuar said: “They told me that Teoh could not answer some questions about some documents found in his laptop.”

He also said another colleague, Mohd Nadzri Ibrahim, who recorded Teoh’

s statement, told him there were no problems when the statement was recorded.

Mohd Anuar also said the last MACC officer who saw Teoh in the office was Raymond Nion anak John Timban.

“I was told that Teoh had called Asraf (Mohd Ashraf Mohd Yunus) and asked him for a drink at 5am and at 6am, Raymond saw him sleeping on a sofa,”

he said, adding that Teoh was not a suspect but the main witness in the investigations.

Mohd Anuar said that at about 9am on July 16, he saw a bag belonging to Teoh next to a sofa near Mohd Nadzri’

s room.

Meanwhile, deputy public prosecutor Datuk Abdul Razak Musa, who is holding a watching brief for the MACC, told the inquest the anti-graft body was willing to produce the statement recorded from Teoh.

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